Consulting regarding the buying of real estate

A property is characterised by a large number of individual parameters that can significantly influence a potential buying decision. The actual price can in retrospect often be a totally different one from the one that had been agreed upon in the purchase contract. Not infrequently the correction of deficiencies and damage that are only found after the transfer of ownership is associated with considerable costs. Thus, for example, an attic that had been sold as a residential area may not be permitted to be used for living in according to construction law or a backlog of repairs that is discovered in the minutes of a past general meeting of tenants may subsequently lead to a rude awakening. Caution is also advised with new buildings, because in many cases the descriptions of the building are not detailed and are defined in a very general way and so frequently lead to discussions and additional costs in a subsequent construction phase.

Consulting regarding the selling of real estate

Each property is unique and has its own individual value which should also be achieved when selling. Determining this not only requires a special kind of know-how but also the corresponding distance from and neutrality to the property and the parties involved.

Business consulting, structuring, analysis and assessment of leasing and rental contracts, especially in the case of commercial usage

DThe leasing price and rent agreed upon in leasing and rental contracts is as a rule usually the central point of the business considerations but is only one item among a great many other major points. Thus, for example, an agreed rent can be shown as differing by an order of magnitude of up to 20% through the regulatory definition of it that was chosen or by an order of magnitude of up to 10% if an index ruling applies. A corresponding accumulation of such rulings or the concluding of a triple net rental contact can mean that the actual lease price / rent can differ by a range of 50% to 150% or more compared to the original figure that had been agreed upon.

Business and technical consulting / support for project management

Construction projects are subject to a large number of individual phases in their complexity and how they play out over time. These range from the location analysis, the buying of the property or land, planning, profitability considerations, dealing with matters related to construction law, construction costs analysis and monitoring, rental and sale up to completion. Neutral inputs / advice from outside are frequently called for in the individual phases.

Checking of billing for ancillary costs

The production of invoices for ancillary costs and assignment to the individual cost types and allocation keys are subject to legal stipulations in the housing industry in particular. In general there is a high potential for errors in invoices for ancillary costs due to the complexity of the topic, and especially when allocating the individual cost items and allocation keys, so that in practice it is almost impossible to create an invoice for ancillary costs that is free of errors and mistakes.

Cost estimates and checking of invoices

If a debtor or an insurer detects an instance of damage but creates difficulties when it comes to regulating the total amount of the damage, then an appraiser in his capacity as a neutral outsider checks the provided quotations and invoices for plausibility and thus makes possible the eventuality of a rapid agreement.